Special movie showing: From The Ashes

Special movie showing: From The Ashes
Friday June 16 – 6:30 pm – OMNI Center
From The Ashes  illustrates what is at stake for our economy, health and climate amid a push by the Trump Administration to ease environmental rules.
“’… an important documentary that underscores one of the most dominant and controversial industries in the history of the United States,” said National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe. “The film explores the reality of coal’s role in climate change while offering insight into solutions that could help revive the struggling economies of dying mining towns and still safeguard the environment. We are thrilled to partner with RadicalMedia and Bloomberg Philanthropies to amplify the complex conversation about the coal industry as well as alternative forms of energy.”
‘From the Ashes’ shows the risks we face as a nation if we continue to rely on coal and examines how Americans in local communities, including in coal country, are helping to lead the transition toward cleaner air and stronger economies.”