Solar Project Install Day! Wooo Hooo!

It Happened! Sat Nov 4 — OMNI Center

It was a beautiful site, watching a smooth team work together to put this roof together. All the panels are in place. Next weekend the job will be to wire them all up to the inverter, and soon the system will be ready to plug into the electric grid.

Thank you’s to Flint Richter (Richter Solar), Terry Tremwel (Tremwel Energy), Donovan Nederland (electrician), and the volunteer team Richard Tiffany, Eric Fusilier, Michael Sidney, Arturo Rodriguez, and Lay Vongnerath. Hope I didn’t forget anybody. Orlo Stitt of Stitt Energy spent the afternoon with us, talking to interested folks.

ps: If you made a cash donation, and didn’t leave us your name, we still want to know who you are, please call us! 479-283-2167. A memory plaque is planned for the 30 or so people who donated to make this project possible. If your name is supposed to be there please check in with us to be sure you’ll receive the recognition you deserve.