Climate Change Forum Steering Committee Minutes

Climate Change Forum Steering Committee Meeting, 11/5/17

The Steering Committee met Sunday, November 5, after Malcolm’s presentation on The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney.
We have made tentative choices on presentations and presenters as follows:
December: Jeanne, The Subsistence Perspective by Mies and Bennholdt-Thomsen
January: Shelley, The Elephant in the Cornfield by Chris Clayton
February: Lolly, The Community Resilience Reader by Heinberg and
March: Alberto, the topic is refugees worldwide, books or articles to be decided
April: Dick, Pathways to Our Sustainable Future, a Global Perspective from Pittsburgh, by Patricia DeMarco
May: Terry Tremwell, Our Renewable Future, by Heinberg and Fridley

We also discussed the project of giving presentations in local libraries. Lolly suggested the straight forward book by Joe Romm Climate Change, What Everyone Needs to Know and that the Steering Committee be familiar with it by January. She has also volunteered to be the presenter and asked for a back-up to help with possible questions. Shelley suggested Alberto because of the potential for a Spanish-speaking audience. Lolly was concerned about the possibility of climate deniers being in the audience and what to do.

Climate Change Forum Steering Committee Minutes for September 4, 2017

In attendance: Joyce Murray (new attendee) Alberto Torres (new to the Steering Com.) Gladys Tiffany. Shelley Buoniauto, Lolly Tindol

Searching for new material, a film, Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel” was mentioned. It was at a theater locally unannounced and stayed a very short time, few knew about it. Some said it was not very good, too much emphasis on Gore himself.
Our main topic was to find strategies for outreach.
It was suggested we start doing outreach events like Terry Tremwell mentioned he was doing in churches, libraries, other free venues where there is interest. Shelley said she would call the Roger’s Library to find out their schedule. She also suggested to use Dr. James Hansen’s book “Storms of My Grandchildren” as a primer for explaining climate change. Shelley said she would call the Library after Labor Day.
It was mentioned that most of the attendees at Climate Change Forum are active in other ways and take the information learned at the Forum to be used to promote activism or education about climate change.
Gladys said we need a better media apparatus to discuss issues to a wider audience, suggesting a Twitter account. And that we need a media savant to help disseminate information.
Alberto said our meetings sound intimidating to a non-attendee, how can we make sure the idea that all are welcome gets across. Shelley suggested in her PSAs over KUAF we simply state we are desperate for new people. Shelley also reminded the group that CCL will have its regional conference in Fort Smith February 16-18.
It was also suggested that with two fluent Spanish speakers, Alberto and Lolly, we should do outreach to the Hispanic community, write the PSAs in Spanish, have the outreach program in Spanish as well as English.
Alberto said he would present January 7, unless Shelly can get Kosana to do a presentation on her PhD work on CO2 sequestration before she leaves the area. A suggested topic for Alberto was Mexico and immigration as affected by climate change. Terry Tremwell said he would present in February on solutions, similar to the topics presented in today’s Forum from the 3 articles plus Climate Mobilization’s Victory Plan and The Leap Manifesto.

Written and submitted by Lolly Tindol