People Power Meeting

People Power Meeting
Monday April 2 – 6:30 pm – OMNI
We all want a welcoming, safe, and prosperous community. And when some of us aren’t safe, none of us are safe. That’s more true now than its ever been. You can help protect people’s rights in Washington County by understanding what the 4th Amendment really means for your family and your neighbors.
People Power of Washington County will unveil this Know Your Rights Campaign in the coming weeks. We’ll work with other groups to support the rights and well-being of immigrants, refugees, and all Arkansans from unconstitutional search, seizure, detentions and deportations. We’ll get 19,000 signatures on a petition that says we want everybody’s rights protected. We’ll help educate our friends and neighbors on the complicated issues.
OMNI folks and friends are invited to be part of the early action by signing the petition, and coming to the working meeting Monday April 2, at 6:30 pm at OMNI Center. We need volunteers, money, and petition signatures to help defend our neighbors in this time of crisis.
You can sign the support petition right here: