OMNI Leaders

Meet the OMNI Board, Leaders, and Staff

Steve Holst

Interim Board President

Humorist and essayist and all-around creative guy who’s not sure he believes in peace, but will work hard for it because it’s better than the alternative.

Kelly Mulhollan

Vice President for Programs

Peace musician and activist (they’re the same thing as far as Kelly is concerned). One-half of the well-known duo Still On The Hill, and a serious birder and nature lover.

Shelley Buonaiuto


Sculptor and environmental advocate co-chairing OMNI’s environmental committee. She does this for some dynamite grandkids.

Joe Newman

Board Member

Has worked since 2008 to bring community radio to Fayetteville. In 2015 Joe and a bunch of hard-working friends received a station building permit to start construction of a tower and station for Fayetteville Community Radio, KPSQ 97.3! Congratulations KPSQ!

Julie Thacker

Board Member

Proud grandma and advocate for free speech and media access for progressive thinking.

Richard Tiffany

Board Member

Justine Turnage

Board Member

Not an activist by choice, Justine was forced into the limelight to defend the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in 2014. Her skill with words and her humor make her a valuable asset for social justice.

Gladys Tiffany

Executive Director

Lifetime peace advocate and Quaker, joined the OMNI Board in 2003, became Board president in 2007, then became director in 2012. To her, OMNI represents the boots-on-the-ground group for peace, justice, and the earth that needs to exist in every community.

Matt Mille
Matt Miller

President of OMNI UA

Cian Kennefick
Cian Kennefick

President of OMNI FHS

Cian Kennefick is a high school student and an officer of the Omni at Fayetteville High School club. He is 17 and is involved in numerous other activist groups, including the Fayetteville Free Zone, the Civil Rights Round Table, and the Anti-Racism Movie Night and Discussion. He can be reached by email at or by phone at (479) 530-3157.

Dick Bennett


He included peace in every English course he taught over a 40-year career at the University of Arkansas. When he retired he could not stop, so he founded a peace center, with a little help from his friends.