JANUARY READING for Climate Change Book Forum

JANUARY READING for Climate Change Book Forum Conversation on Climate and Agriculture Sun Jan 7 – 1:30 pm – Fayetteville Library Board Room Hi All, For January 7th we are reading The ELEPHANT IN THE CORNFIELD by Chris Clayton. The Elephant in the Cornfield Apparently it is only available on Kindle, and is only $5.99, but also samples of the book can be downloaded for free on your Kindle or iPad.

An Arkansas Florilegium

Kent Bonar’s book signing of “An Arkansas Florilegium”

Kent Bonar’s book signing of “An Arkansas Florilegium” Dec. 14 – 7:00-9:00 pm – Botanical Gardens, Hiway 265 Illustrator Bonar himself will be at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville (Hiway 265) on Dec. 14 (Thursday) from 7-9pm to sign his book. He’s one-of-a-kind, perhaps as close to Thoreau as any of us will ever come, and a walking miracle (literally). I knew him back in the days we lived in Nail in Newton County 32 yrs ago. Kent walks all over the Ozark mountains, has no car, lives with about 20 dogs in a very small house, has one […]

Rally for Clean Water!

Mighty Earth Monday Nov 30 – 10:00 am Tyson’s Headquarters Springdale Rally for Clean Water! Come show your support for how much good food can do! Interested in coming? Let us know! RSVP to our Facebook event to stay up to date on additional parking information, speaker announcements, and more! After almost 3 months of grassroots organizing in Northwest Arkansas and in six other cities around the country, we are making real progress on our campaign! Across the country we have collected tens of thousands of petitions, made hundreds of calls to Tyson’s headquarters, and have gotten over […]

Solar Project Install Day! Wooo Hooo!

It Happened! Sat Nov 4 — OMNI Center It was a beautiful site, watching a smooth team work together to put this roof together. All the panels are in place. Next weekend the job will be to wire them all up to the inverter, and soon the system will be ready to plug into the electric grid. Thank you’s to Flint Richter (Richter Solar), Terry Tremwel (Tremwel Energy), Donovan Nederland (electrician), and the volunteer team Richard Tiffany, Eric Fusilier, Michael Sidney, Arturo Rodriguez, and Lay Vongnerath. Hope I didn’t forget anybody. Orlo Stitt of Stitt Energy spent the afternoon with […]

The Solar Project

Solar Project Install Day!

Wooo Hooo! Sat Nov 4 – 2:00-5:00 pm — OMNI Center Music, potluck snacks, big information on solar and renewables, potential political engagement for you. Come learn more about about how you can be a part of the Solar Revolution. This will be a fun, educational, and working open house to give the installers our mojo and let YOU ask all the questions you want about your own relationship to solar. There is on-the-ground assistance we can give the installers, screwing and clipping parts of the array together and assisting in other ways. Get the feel for what solar installation […]

Solar Success!

Thank you Fayetteville, and a special thank you to Terry Tremwel for amazing help! Install day Saturday Nov 4 (weather permitting) The Solar-on-the-Roof Project kicked off August 26, and Fayetteville responded. The big one this week is that Terry and Margaret Tremwel donated all 19 solar panels needed, which we estimate would cost us $5200!! Because of this big gift, we’re now within $1000 of what we need to complete the project, and feel confident we can get underway. Installer Flint Richter of Richter Solar is working with us to get the details together, and the install date is set […]

The Solar Project