Current Events

National School Walkout

National School Walkout
Fri April 20 – 10:00 am-noon
Begin at Fayetteville High
Walk to St. Paul’s Episcopal to Courthouse

Fayetteville High School is participating in the National School Walkout at 10 AM on Friday, April 20th against school shootings and gun violence. We have details about this event on our Facebook page

FHS students will be walking out of the high school onto the sidewalk at 10:20 AM (further info. about location on Facebook), and we will be marching from there to the parking lot of St. Paul’s Episcopal church in order to give speeches and then rally at the courthouse.

Please spread the word about this event if you can – us students will feel more confident about taking action if we can see the support from our loving community.

Earth Day at World Peace Wetland Prairie

Earth Day at World Peace Wetland Prairie
Sun April 22 – 1:00-5:00 pm
At the Prairie – 1101 So. Duncan, Fayetteville

Family-friendly fun at the beautiful forest fringe park,1121 So. Duncan

OMNI Center welcomes you to join in for Earth Day 2018 at Fayetteville’s most secret nature park. This is the 14th year they’ve held Earthday out there.

It’s always a relaxed, pleasant time in the open air. As they usually do, Kelly and Donna Mulhollan will hold OMNI’s Open Mic acoustic song circle, and a bunch of OMNI peace musicians are planning to come. Bring along a folding chair, btw.

There’s face painting and stone painting for kids, butterfly dancing, and simple healthy snacks to share. Come join the Earth party!

Broad Daylight Earthday Concert & Petition Drive

Broad Daylight Earthday Concert & Petition Drive
Sun April 22 – doors open at 7:00 –
OMNI Center
Benefit for People Power of Washington County

Sweet Earthday Concert of this sub-set of Harmonia, supporting the People Power Project as it works for Constitutional rights of immigrant neighbors, and helping make people of the earth safe and prosperous. Guest musicians John Johnson and Walter Schmidt joining in. It’ll be amazing!

Donations accepted at the door. Thank you for your support Fayetteville.

Concert page here

Hank Kaminsky: Arkansas Living Treasure

Recognition for Hank Kaminsky, long-time Fayetteville Peace Artist and OMNI member, is well-deserved. The free, public reception to honor Fayetteville sculptor Hank Kaminsky, the 2018 Arkansas Living Treasure. Seats are limited; reservations are required. Please RSVP by April 23 to Faye Croy at or (501) 683-4365. The reception is co-sponsored by Experience Fayetteville

Forest Service Plan Raises Concerns for Northwest Arkansas

Forest Service Plan Raises Concerns for Northwest Arkansas
The US Forest Service, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, Big Piney Ranger District has released its proposals for the 2018 project year, and several parts raise serious concerns. They cover some of the favorite hiking, canoing, fishing, birding places in Northwest Arkansas. Think Hawk’s Bill, Buffalo River, the Mountain Bike Trails off Hwy 16 on Cave Mountain.
One of the 3 projects is Roadside Vegetation Management; the proposal is to spray herbicides along all roads in US Forest Service lands from Searcy, though Newton, Madison and Washington counties; glyphosate/Round-Up is one of the chemicals proposed. Another project, Robert’s Gap directly next to the Upper Buffalo Wilderness, covers 56,000 plus acres of which 16,000 acres are proposed for prescribed burning; The Forest Service has a long precedence for this, nonetheless nesting birds and slow moving animals are killed and smoke inhalation for landowners nearby is a problem. Both Robert’s Gap and the third project, Jake’s Creek, will allow timber harvest of near old-growth trees, lessening the diversity of the forests and isolating them into fragmented areas disrupting animal movement.
If you would like more information or write a letter to the editor of you local paper, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email Lolly at, landowner, or call 870 861-5521. Call Kent Bonar, Naturalist with Newton County Wildlife Association at 870 428-5328. Or for the Forest Service in Jasper, AR, Mike Mulford, NEPA Coordinator, 870 446-5122 x 5136, email

The Living Wage Campaign Rally

The Living Wage Campaign Rally
Saturday April 7 – 1:00 pm
Town Center
 Local 965 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is holding a rally noon-1 p.m. Saturday, April 7, on the plaza outside Fayetteville Town Center for the U of A Living Wage Campaign. It will feature several top speakers.
A significant segment of university employees are paid less than commonly accepted living wages. Also, graduate teaching and research assistants though generally part time rely heavily on their pay, which is substandard. One proof is how heavily the campus’s 7-year-old Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry is used. College pay is the focus of a petition we’re circulating and will emphasize at the rally (during the Farmers’ Market). It will be submitted to top officials of this campus and the UA System.
Statement and petition for the campaign
With social media
Our new website is