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Stand With Dreamers

Mon March 6 – 4:00-5:00 pm
Springdale #DreamActNow Action at Sen. Cotton’s Office
1108 S Old Missouri Rd
Hosted by Arkansas United Community Coalition
Sen. Cotton has been on the frontlines of anti-immigrant negotiations and needs to continue to hear from us.

March 5th is a crucial day for the immigrant community across the country because that’s the arbitrary deadline given by Trump to Congress to pass a permanent solution that will benefit millions of undocumented youth the day he killed DACA.

Since September 5th, immigrant youth have taken action in DC and across the country to demand passage of the Dream Act, yet congress has chosen inaction. Our community will not stay quiet or back down, we demand permanent protection, as immigrant youth continue to lose their DACA protection. We also commit to continue fighting for the immigrant community.
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Invitation to Peace People

Invitation to Peace People
Special People Power Meeting
Monday March 5 – 6:30 pm – OMNI

We all want a welcoming, safe, and prosperous community. And when some of us aren’t safe, none of us are safe. That’s more true now than its ever been. You can help protect people’s rights in Washington County by understanding what the 4th Amendment really means for your family and your neighbors.

People Power of Washington County will unveil this Know Your Rights Campaign in the coming weeks. We’ll work with other groups to support the rights and well-being of immigrants, refugees, and all Arkansans from unconstitutional search, seizure, detentions and deportations. We’ll get 19,000 signatures on a petition that says we want everybody’s rights protected. We’ll help educate our White friends and neighbors on the complicated issues.

OMNI folks and friends are invited to be part of the early action by signing the petition, and coming to an information meeting next Monday, March 5, at 6:30 pm at OMNI Center. We need volunteers, money, and petition signatures to help defend our neighbors in this time of crisis.

Find out more on Monday evening, 6:30 pm at OMNI Center. If you can’t come, sign the support petition right here:
Protect People’s Rights in Washington County

Save the Buffalo Again!

Save the Buffalo Again!
Time Sensitive

Special interests are threatening to undermine ADEQ’s ability to protect clean water during the upcoming legislative special session. Call the Governor and your State Legislators today—let them know that you strongly favor protecting the Buffalo River and you want them to stand up against all efforts that would harm her.

More information here:

Contact for your Arkansas representatives
Contact Governor Hutchinson
501-682-2345 or email alison.williams@governor.arkansas.gov