Daily Archives: December 29, 2017

Talking About 2018…

Talking About 2018…

It was a hard year last year, but that’s over. Now it’s time to think about the future we actually want. What’s that for you? Let’s focus there.

To get to the big dream of world peace, we all know we have to think global and act local. What needs to be done in your neighborhood? I’ve got a couple ideas about mine.

2018 is the year to build on some strong foundations being laid in Northwest Arkansas. The foundations are laid on community values of empathy and care for people and the Earth. And OMNI people share those values in spades.

The challenges that face us are pretty huge. It seems to me that if we want to address them, the quest for this year is to step out of our comfort zones to put our values to work in the places where we live.

How prepared is Washington County for climate change? How can we support efforts to move that direction?

Where are the struggles in our neighborhoods? What can we do to be part of the solutions?

What solutions are already emerging around us? Let’s help there! Fayetteville has unveiled its master plan for going fossil-fuel-free. How can we do our part? Citizens Climate Lobby is branching out to wider and more exciting efforts. How can you help? A network of groups is working to help good, hard-working immigrant neighbors threatened by deportation. What can you do? Welcoming NWA is building a network of support for newcomers throughout our region. What can OMNI folks do to make our neighborhoods more welcoming? These are only a few of the solutions emerging around here.

Washington County is becoming magnificently diverse it so many ways. Helping it become a more welcoming place will pay huge dividends for all of us.

OMNI and many local nonprofits are addressing social issues that demand strong answers based on our true values. You can be an active part of this community that cares. Step out into the action and find your place this year. This is your invitation.