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Solar Project Install Day!

Wooo Hooo!

Sat Nov 4 – 2:00-5:00 pm — OMNI Center

Music, potluck snacks, big information on solar and renewables, potential political engagement for you. Come learn more about about how you can be a part of the Solar Revolution.

This will be a fun, educational, and working open house to give the installers our mojo and let YOU ask all the questions you want about your own relationship to solar. There is on-the-ground assistance we can give the installers, screwing and clipping parts of the array together and assisting in other ways. Get the feel for what solar installation is.

Food, music, fun and information galor! It’ll be worth your time.

Solar Success!

Thank you Fayetteville! We are creating a city that is the model for community everywhere. Energy independence is an important part of the model. Install day Saturday Nov 4 (weather permitting) 2:00-5:00 pm. Put in on your calendar.

We want to include YOU on the commemorative panels that will adorn OMNI’s walls for all eternity. Anybody who donates to the project will be listed, with special gifts acknowledged on the Memory Tree in the main room. If you’d like to be among the final donors, please make your donation now. You can drop donations off at OMNI (like most of y’all did), or make donations at the project donation page here:
Help Fund the Solar Panels

ps: If you made a cash donation at the Aug 26 kickoff event, and didn’t leave us your name, please call us! 479-283-2167