Daily Archives: August 25, 2017

Open Mic for Peace – Sept Kickoff Night!

Sun Sept 3 – 7:00 pm – OMNI

Greetings Omni Open Mic folks,

We are back in business! Sunday, September 3rd, 7:00 will be our first open mic of the season and we hope you will come and share a song or words of Peace and Justice.

We will start the evening with a tribute to one of the long time friends of the Omni Open Mic. Bill Justice was included in our community CD/Songbook compilation from way back when we were just getting started. You might remember his dog song. A wonderful songwriter and a friend to many of us.

We are open to your suggestions for ‘theme’s’ that we might pursue for open mics this season. It would be good to get some young folks, international students, and ?

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful ongoing Fayetteville tradition.

See you there!



Kelly and Donna/ Omni Center