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A Soldier In Our Midst: Pride for Some, Pain for Others

Saturday Sept 9 – 12:00 noon-2:00 pm

Walmart Auditorium in the Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies, NWACC Campus, One College Drive, Bentonville


You and I have an opportunity to demonstrate to each other that we have the courage and fortitude to listen to each other – even when we have different opinions on the subject. The Confederate Soldier on the Bentonville Square is worth a healthy conversation – don’t you think? Is it really only all about “move it” or “keep it”? Can we not expand the discussion to how to best to assure respect and dignity to each of us and our families? Be a part of the public sharing! Participate with your comments and questions. Moderated by Jon Comstock, co-sponsored by Comstock Conflict Resolution Services, Compassion Fayetteville, and OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology

Make comments and ask questions by emailing

This event is not affiliated with or sponsored by NWACC in any way. Its facilities are made available to the public for public use pursuant to the terms of a facilities rental agreement.

Open Mic for Peace – Sept Kickoff Night!

Sun Sept 3 – 7:00 pm – OMNI

Greetings Omni Open Mic folks,

We are back in business! Sunday, September 3rd, 7:00 will be our first open mic of the season and we hope you will come and share a song or words of Peace and Justice.

We will start the evening with a tribute to one of the long time friends of the Omni Open Mic. Bill Justice was included in our community CD/Songbook compilation from way back when we were just getting started. You might remember his dog song. A wonderful songwriter and a friend to many of us.

We are open to your suggestions for ‘theme’s’ that we might pursue for open mics this season. It would be good to get some young folks, international students, and ?

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful ongoing Fayetteville tradition.

See you there!



Kelly and Donna/ Omni Center

Solar Panels for OMNI Center

Change of Date
Saturday August 26 – 5:00-7:00 pm – OMNI Center

OMNI wants to walk its talk, and you can help. We want to do our part to save ourselves from climate change. Less fossil fuel use is really important, and renewable energy systems are critical. In some parts of the country solar panels are on every roof. But not in Arkansas! Northwest Arkansas should be leading the way on this.

Come learn about the solar roof project. Who’s doing it? What will happen? When will it happen? Why now?

Enviro engineer Terry Temwell and other experts will be there to give information and answer questions. If you are considering solar for your own energy systems, here is a good place to explore.

Join OMNI folks and friends for the fundraising kickoff party to find out everything you need to know. Please be prepared to donate something to make this big step forward for our community.

Draft Bernie Campaign Livestream

Set Sept 9 – OMNI – time TBA
The National Draft Bernie campaign is exploring interest in a third party run by Bernie or other candidates. In some states local races are being planned. This event will give people information about what’s been happening with the campaign since the last election. A day-long livestream of the national event will be going on, with speakers and performers, and local discussion will continue through the day. More details will be released soon.

Bi-weekly meetings are going on. Next meeting Thursday Aug 24, 6:30 at Fay Public Library.

Inspire 365: A Journey Through the Black Experience

Tuesday Aug 15 – 7:00 pm at OMNI
Led by Raven Cook
Continuing classes every Tuesday into November. Every one unique and interesting.

Inspire 365: A Journey through the Black Experience seeks to offer hope and inspiration by introducing audiences to the men and women who persevered through all obstacles to lay the foundation for generations to come. The program is designed to not only offer hope but to empower all people through understanding the importance of studying History. The program will explore such critical historical areas as: the abolitionist movement, Reconstruction and the development of Black self determination rhetoric, as well Black women’s roles in each movement. Using music, art, etc Inspire 365 seeks to leave audiences recognizing their power and seeking to further research the Black experience.

Photo: Tommie Smith and John Carlos 1968 Olympics in Mexico City

Raven Cook leads this incredible series.  She is the Director of Foundations: Black History Educational Programming, and is an Educator with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.