Peace Garden Tour May 28!

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Peace Gardens Tour is coming up Saturday May 28, 10 am to 3 pm. The Gardens Map is in the slide show above. You’ll receive a copy of it when you buy your ticket at the first garden you visit. Would you like a teaser of the luscious gardens looking forward to greeting you? Here’s a brief list:

1.OMNI Peace Garden Tour tickets available at
each garden — May 28, 2016, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

2.A Little Peace of Our Hearts Garden
1007 S. Morningside Drive, Fayetteville 72701
Peace Gardeners: Ralph Nesson & Kate Conway

3.Bamboo Peace Garden
1039 E. Overcrest Street, Fayetteville 72703
Peace Gardeners: Moshe & Hamsa Newmark

4.Garden of Many Memories
1111 N. Valley View, Fayetteville 72701
Peace Gardener: Jordan Williams

5.Harmony Garden
8779 W. Forest Hills Drive, Fayetteville 72704
Peace Gardener: Calvin Bey

6.Moon In The Water Peace Garden
335 E. Baxter Lane, Fayetteville 72701
Peace Gardener: Dwain Cromwell

7.Peace In My Backyard Garden
508 N. Sequoyah Drive, Fayetteville 72701
Peace Gardener: Janet Titus

8.Storla Memorial Garden & Grounds
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville
901 W. Cleveland Street, Fayetteville 72701
Peace Gardeners: John King and UU volunteers

9.The Gratitude Garden
885 N. Fritz Drive, Fayetteville 72701
Peace Gardeners: Donna and Kelly Mulhollan

And be sure to check out anytime—
10.World Peace Wetland Prairie
1121 S. Duncan Avenue, Fayetteville 72701
City-owned, neighborhood maintained, piece of tranquility.


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