Electric Vehicles & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Electric Vehicles & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint   In these days of global warming and climate change, Americans are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  In the state of Arkansas, which relies heavily on coal, drivers can reduce their car’s carbon footprint 50% by using an electric vehicle (EV) instead of a gasoline powered vehicle.  On the other hand, in a place like Santa Cruz, CA, which uses almost no coal and relies more on alternative sources of fuel, the reduction is far greater at 75%. DOE Alternative Fuels Personal Calculator Are Electric Vehicles Ready for Day-To-Day Use?:  With […]

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Transition in Fayetteville

Monday Sept 21, 7:00 pm at OMNI Center Transition Towns is a movement for a future for life on planet earth.  This is a vision beyond fossil fuels. Sound far-fetched? Join us Monday night to talk about it if you’re curious. This is an informal initial meeting. (Transitions US) “Our vision is that every community in the United States has engaged its collective creativity to unleash an extraordinary and historic transition to a future beyond fossil fuels; a future that is more vibrant, abundant and resilient; one that is ultimately preferable to the present.” We’re all in this together: “There […]

Hiroshima Nagasaki: Beyond the Shadow of Doubt

The OMNI Center’s Remembrance “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Nuclear Zero” Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Sunday, August 9, 2015 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~ Fulbright Peace Fountain, University of Arkansas Each year since the 1960s, The OMNI Center (originally the Peace Organizing Committee, Vietnam era)  presented a respectful ceremony of remembrance marking the tragedy of the historic nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago: August 6 and August 9, 1945. The annual Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance is OMNI’s oldest Peace action (2001). This year’s program will focus on national and international progress and momentum toward […]

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