Hiroshima Nagasaki: Beyond the Shadow of Doubt

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The OMNI Center’s Remembrance
“Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Nuclear Zero”
Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance
Sunday, August 9, 2015 ~ 7:00 p.m. ~ Fulbright Peace Fountain, University of Arkansas

Each year since the 1960s, The OMNI Center (originally the Peace Organizing Committee, Vietnam era)  presented a respectful ceremony of remembrance marking the tragedy of the historic nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago: August 6 and August 9, 1945.

The annual Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance is OMNI’s oldest Peace action (2001). This year’s program will focus on national and international progress and momentum toward nuclear weapons abolition, including the current Marshallese Nuclear Suits presently in the world court.

The Omni Center is proud to be hosting this year’s Remembrance at the University of Arkansas’ Fulbright Peace Fountain. A component of the event program will be dedicated to the international peace and foreign relations legacy of former Arkansas United States Senator J. William Fulbright.

The Event Program includes performances by OMNI friend DAN DEAN, and Kelly and Donna of Still on the Hill.  Speakers include Marshallese Consul Carmen Chong Gum and local peace advocate Bill Williams, with many other friends of peace you’ll love to see again.

Tri Cycle Farms

TricycleThe seed to Tri Cycle Farms was planted when two food insecure and underemployed friends decided to grow a garden. After speaking to 100 people to better understand their personal experience with food insecurity, they began to uncover some startling statistics of a city and county with the third highest rates of food insecurity in the state of Arkansas.

In 2011, Don Bennett, founder of TCF, purchased two acres behind his house and with a coalition of community volunteers, a farm-raising movement began.  In October of 2011, the field was cleared by a volunteer force of a 119. The next day our former mayor tilled the soil and this urban heritage farm was reborn. An endeavor that started with two food insecure individuals has grown to over 1,000 engaged community members. These volunteers and talented collaborators have transformed a vision into an organization with a mission. TCF is a growing community through soil as we steward food awareness, education and empowerment. Our farm raising, event-based approach has drawn regional and state-wide attention as we create a sustainable community urban farm model that can be replicated anywhere.



Statement On The Shooting Of Trayvon Martin

July 18, 2013Trayvon+Martin

The OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, & Ecology strongly condemns the horrific killing of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of his murderer George Zimmerman which was allowed by the very flawed “Stand your Ground” law.

This senseless murder, the irresponsible actions from law enforcement, and the horrendous decision by the jury are testimony to the violence that people of color continue to face every single day. 31 states currently have “Shoot First” laws. In these states, Caucasians who kill African Americans are 354% more likely to have charges dropped than when Caucasians kill other Caucasians. We demand those in Florida with legislative power take the adequate measures to dismantle their “Stand Your Ground” law. We demand those in public office in Arkansas and the rest of the nation to end these “Shoot First” laws that allow vigilantes to target anyone they deem suspicious.

The OMNI Center has always stood against racial violence, injustice and oppression, whether it is in the form of discrimination against African Americans and other people of color, the persecution of Muslims after 9/11, or the alienation and denial of basic human rights to our immigrant brothers & sisters. The deliberate racism towards people of color serves to undermine our common struggle for peace and justice. The Florida law that allowed Zimmerman to be declared “not guilty” sets a very dangerous precedent and gives new legal protection to open acts of racial violence. A vigilante who takes the life of an innocent person does not deserve to walk away but rather should be behind bars. We ask our members and the community to take action and organize to demand justice for Trayvon Martin and all the innocent people who have fallen victims to “Shoot First” laws, vigilantes, and law enforcement.

You can start taking action by signing the petition that the NAACP has initiated to demand that the U.S. Department of Justice of a Civil Rights case against Zimmerman.

Link to NAACP petition: https://donate.naacp.org/page/s/doj-civil-rights-petition?source=zimmermannotguiltypetitionrotator&utm_medium=Rotator&utm_source=NAACP&utm_campaign=zimmermannotguiltypetitionrotator

In peace, justice, and ecology,

The OMNI Center – Fayetteville, AR